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Festivals & Outside Events

Street Shows

The Great Alexandre learned his craft on the streets of Montreal and Quebec. It is with pleasure and experience that he shares his talent and passion in events happening in the streets or in the parcs, like festivals, trade fairs, and community events.


 With his show in his suitcase, The Great Alexandre can walk around your venue and start a show anytime and anywhere, as long as he can set his suitcase down.

Interactive show for the whole famille

Show of 5 to 20 minutes per performance

Highly adaptable to different venues

No technical needs

Instantaneous set-up and set-down



Strolling Magician

As a strolling magician, The Great Alexandre will walk around in your venue and interact with your guests, sharing his close-up magic and clown improvisations.

 This type of animation is perfect for venues where the distance between the magician and the audience is inexistent.


Hence, festivals, trade fairs and outside events in parcs are ideals for the strolling magician.

Make sure your event is a success by hiring The Great Alexandre as a strolling magician. You will get a professional and personalized animation that your guests will remember for years!

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