The Great Alexandre 




A clownish magic show that will please the whole family!!


Young ones and not-so-young ones will be mystify by the funny magic of The Great Alexandre. Guaranteed fun and laughter!

Ideal for children parties, outdoor festivals, wedding, and school events.


A clown-theatre show.

In this show without words woven with humor and poetry, Alexandre drops his mask and finds himself face to face with his vulnerability, his own and that of his clown, this being who, head in the stars, trips over his own shoelaces.

General public.


A show-conference on the route of the Great Alexandre as a humanitarian magician-clown.


Anecdotes, stories and milestones, all linked by hilarious and mystifying magic numbers.


Ideal for secondary schools, colleges and universities.


The Artist

Alexandre Gagné-Greffard is a circus artist specializing in clowning and magic.

He graduated from the Clown Conservatory of San Francisco in 2019 and possesses a College Degree in theater. He continues to follow formation in traditional, humanitarian, and medical clowning wherever he can, in Canada or abroad. He is self-taught in magic since adolescence.

Since 2017, he spreads wonder and laughter around him wherever he can find an audience - whether it is on the streets, in schools, in hospitals, or on traditional stages - always trying to touch the most people possible. 



Année de création






Smiles shared

A Humanitarian Commitment

Deeply aware of the importance and beneficial effects of wonder and laughter for people in a difficult and precarious situation, The Great 

Alexandre is proud to offer his services free of charge to any charitable organization.

Contact him to know if your organisation is admissible.


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